Safety Environmental

Specialty Admixtures S&W Ready Mix Concrete Co. LLC is committed to operating environmentally friendly production plants. The company has been awarded the NRMCA Green-Star for 15 locations.


The NRMCA Green-Star Program was designed by the Environmental Task Group of the Operations, Environmental, and Safety Committee (NRMCA-OES) as a means to support the environmental efforts of the ready-mixed concrete industry. The program recognizes those within the industry who have achieved or are actively working toward environmental excellence or a demonstrable reduction of environmental impacts.

In addition to NRMCA Green-Star certifications, the company has won multiple awards for Environmental Excellence at the state and national levels. Those include 4 CRMCA (Carolinas Ready Mix Concrete Association) and 1 NRMCA (National Ready Mix Concrete Association) Environmental Excellence Awards.

A safe workplace, both for our employees and for our partners, without incidents, injuries and accidents is our highest priority. To this end, we have created an environment in which –both individually and collectively– we are responsible for our personal safety and the safety of our colleagues. S&W Ready Mix Concrete has invested heavily in safety, from having all drivers trained through the Smith System, to the implementation of the Drive Smart Video based safety program in all trucks.

S&W Ready Mix has been awarded various safety awards from the CRMCA, NRMCA, and NCDOL.